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JSBC started as hospital business consultant company and rapidly transformed into a venture capital firm focused in healthcare sector.
With the success of Southeast Asia start-up ecosystem, we are also expanding our radar into other sectors particularly e-learning and e-commerce sectors.


Our History, Performances and Experiences

  • Headquartered in Singapore and founded on July 2015
    Headquartered in Singapore and founded on July 2015, Jakarta Singapore Business Corporation (JSBC) has built up a high-quality portfolio in the healthcare sector. We are the consulting partner of choice in the healthcare industry. JSBC helps its clients to gain important healthcare insights, improve the quality of their services, assist healthcare operators in delivering their business, etc. We have maintained a successful and long-term relationship with our clients.
  • Currently
    Currently, we have a healthcare portfolio including Primasana Eye Hospital (Jakarta Eye Centre Joint Venture, the leader in terms of the excellence eye care services), Clinic Hemodialisa Sejahtera (Building Nationwide Network of Clinics to serve Indonesian National Health Insurance system), Unistem Asia (Stem-cell and hair implant with certified European technology CE approved), Developing Dental clinic network in Mexico.
  • JSBC understands
    JSBC understands the rapidly changing environment and the need to expand our portfolio to protect our investors (through diversification) and provide them higher returns. We are currently looking into sectors like e-commerce and e-learning. Nonetheless, JSBC consider investments outside these sectors on one on one basis.
  • Venture capital
    We are a venture capital firm focusing on partnering with passionate and dedicated entrepreneurs who want to grow world-class businesses with a particular focus on young people. JSBC mainly invest in seed stage and Series A stage. Our investment strategy is to ensure that our investment have strong social and economic impact to our investors. In addition, we are committed to leveraging our world-class experience, our deep market knowledge, our operational expertise and our vast network across Southeast Asia healthcare ecosystem. We are also creating value to our partners by accelerating their business growth and unlocking the company’s potential.
  • Opportunities
    Our opportunities and expertise have been fully appreciated by engaging JSBC’s local network which is connected to cultural, political, economic and legal aspects of the geographies in which JSBC operates; thus, combined with the institutional oversight and capabilities, we are able to bring best management and decision-making experience across geographies.

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